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The sensational Carroll Foundation Trust and parallel Carroll Maryland Trust multi-billion dollar tax fraud bribery scandal has disclosed that the beleaguered HSBC chairman Douglas Flint has already paid a record two billion dollar fine as the Justice Department looks to make an example of the bank.

Source have revealed that the Carroll Foundation Trust money laundering case is believed to be “directly connected” in so far as the targeting of specific high level executives of HSBC International. It is well known in the public domain that HSBC incorporated fraudulent State of Delaware “registered” Carroll Anglo-American Corporation conglomerate structures which are “directly linked” to forged and falsified HSBC International offshore accounts that effectively impulsed this massive City of London bank fraud heist which stretches the globe spanning a staggering sixteen years.


The Justice Department was criticized after it reached a deal with Barclays Bank to settle alleged violations of the Trading with the Enemy Act and the International Emergency Economic Powers Act. Barclays violated U.S. sanction programs, and after being unable to determine the culprits internally, was offered a cash settlement deal by the Department.

The very judge who approved the settlement said “the public has very little confidence in white collar crime prosecutions. The judge also characterized the deal as a sweetheart deal and openly criticized Justice as to why no one was ultimately held responsible for the crimes the bank committed. Even Capitol Hill decried the Department of Justice for this deal and lack of individual criminal convictions.

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